Our logo

Starting in 1492, with the discovery of America, the conquistadors began to come to South America as did the Jesuits to evangelise the Natives: this led to the development of colonial Baroque art, which combined the sumptuous of Spanish art and the very moving naivety of these artisans, trained by the Spanish conquerors in religious art.

Our logo for Hacienda Eleonor takes the wings of this Baroque colonial angel, with a simplified shape like a breast plate, and evokes our dynamism, symbolised by the flight of the angel!



The logo of Eko Kakao, our importing and distribution company, shows a hummingbird. These are typical of the equatorial Amazon forest, the lungs of the earth that must be preserved at all cost.

We take part in this, on our scale, with the hundred hectares of virgin rainforest on the estate and its plantations of hundreds of thousands of trees.